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What Exactly Is SEO

You can’t have a conversation about online marketing without Search Engine Optimization or SE0.

But what exactly is SEO, and why is it so important for marketing a product or service online? To answer that question, it’s a good idea to first know how a person “finds” something online, through something we’ve all come to know as “search”.

When a person wants to find something online, whether information about a person, place or thing, including location, pricing, and so forth, they perform what’s called a “search” on their Internet browser and up pops the info they need.

SEO is the science of determining what exact keywords most Internet users will use when searching for a product or service.

But how does their computer’s browser know what they are looking for and get the information they need so that it can be displayed on their “results” page? It looks for what are known as “keywords” and “key phrases”, and it uses those as the basis for its search parameters.

For example, if a person types in the question “Italian restaurant in Manhattan” there browser’s search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo and others) lock onto the words “Italian”, “restaurant” and “Manhattan” and deliver results based on these three key words.

At its heart, SEO is the science of determining what exact keywords most Internet users will use when searching for a product or service, and then using them in a way that increases the chance that information from a particular company or website will be shown on the results page.

SEO can be used to determine what the best keywords and key phrases are to use in a website’s content, or in an online advertisement, making sure that when a person’s searching, that website or advertisement comes up on their results page.

In other words, SEO keywords are like a beacon in the vast ocean of the Internet. If used correctly, they will lead consumers directly to whatever content, product or service that a business is offering, and that is why SEO has become so valuable, and so vitally important, to online marketers everywhere.

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