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Local SEO Explained

When people search for your small business online they are hoping to find some information regarding the products or services you offer. Using search engine optimization techniques, or SEO, is a great way to rank your small business website high in search engines and encourage local organic traffic to visit your website. The way SEO works is by using specific techniques that Google and other search engines favor when ranking your website to ensure a high ranking. Local SEO is geographically targeted and is the process of making it as easy as possible for people searching for your small business online locally to find information.

Small business of all types should use local SEO to improve their sales and expand their target marketing. A popular local SEO technique involves creating an online profile of your small business that highlights its products and services but is geographically targeted. A local listing posted online will be the first thing to show up if people search for you and this will either further direct them to a website or your physical storefront location. If you are a business that has a traditional storefront location it’s also important to use these techniques to encourage people to visit rather than simply browsing online. Make sure any content you are posting on any websites or social media platforms related to your website is high quality and relevant.

If you want your small business to reach more people or you want to increase your online presence, local SEO is an efficient and affordable way to meet those requirements.

Another important aspect of local SEO that small businesses should pursue is reviews. Before people decide to use products or services a website provides or before they decide to visit a physical location many people will read relevant reviews. The quality of reviews a business receives is highly influential on future decisions people make. Bad reviews can destroy a business so it’s important to provide quality products or services to guarantee you receive honest and positive reviews. Encouraging people to leave reviews online is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and increase business. For physical locations on Google reviews are one of the most important deciding factors it uses to rank your page.

If you want your small business to reach more people or you want to increase your online presence, local SEO is an efficient and affordable way to meet those requirements. With so many people getting the majority of information off the web it’s important to provide highly optimized and quality content to your online users or customers. Following the techniques laid out is a guaranteed way to improve your website search ranking and encourage organic traffic to visit your website. Small business that choose to opt-out of local SEO are only damaging themselves in the long run and practicing effective local marketing techniques is essential to success.

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